Working for Disney

Anonymous asked: hi i am going to work on july of 2014 but i have to get same kind of apartment or home were to stay do you know some kind of thing??

Congratulations on getting the position. Not long now before you’ll go! When you arrive you will be allocated Disney housing to live in. When I went there were a few different housing locations such as Vista Way, Patterson Court, The Commons and Chatham Square. So you’ll be put into one of those and you’ll commute to work from these housing locations. You’ll usually live with 3 to 5 other people who are also working for Disney and you’ll most likely share a bedroom with 1 room-mate. You will recieve all this information and details of where you will be living when you arrive in Florida!


I haven’t posted in a long while, been extremely busy this summer/fall. I’m almost back.. Just checking out of Disney’s All-Star Music Resort as I type this so I’ll be bringing back many new photographs to post to this blog when I return.

I hope everybody is doing well and all ready for Christmas :) Anyone else seen the Christmas lights at Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom yet? Very pretty!

Anonymous asked: How common is it for someone to go on the work experience program alone? Cause at my group interview it seemed everyone came with a friend or a large group of friends and it seemed like I was the only person who came alone, also I read on many blogs about the program that they all got accepted along with their friends :/

I would say it was very common to go alone! I went alone and so did every single person I met out there to be honest. It’s more fun that way as well because you’re much more determined to meet people.

If I’m honest, you may have just thought people knew each other when actually they may only have just met. There are many websites out there where Disney hopefuls arrange to meet up before their interview so that they feel more relaxed. They weren’t originally friends but met online. I didn’t do it at my Disney interview but I’ve since had meet ups with people I’ve met on the WDW discussion forum. Or they may have been friends but don’t let it stop you, it won’t cause you a problem when you’re out there :)

disneymelx asked: Hi, I applied for the college program on the 1st August from the UK. I am just wondering how long it normally takes to hear from Disney or Yummy Jobs regarding the next step? Also, I haven't had any confirmation that they received my application, is this normal? Thanks xx

Hello Mel,

I’m afraid that my knowledge on this might not be too accurate as it was 4 years ago that I applied now!

But, usually Yummy get in touch as soon as applications for the program close. They will always give you a rough date for when you should hear back aswell. For example, if they say you will hear back by Monday, some people will hear back on the Friday before and others might hear back over the weekend.

However, they have changed their website now as of this year. So things might be a little different. I’m not sure whether you should have received a confirmation email as I can no longer apply but perhaps somebody could confirm this and I will publish the answer?

Thanks and good luck with your application!

Quick reminder

Once again, this blog is on a short hiatus whilst I complete my work program in the United States. So updates aren’t very frequent but will continue once I get home in October.

I managed to visit Disneyland California this summer and so there will be many new photographs to come!

Also, applications for the UK Cultural Representative Program are open! Make sure you get it in soon as applications close on September 6th 2013!

Apply today ->

The Yummy jobs website has had a brand new makover since August 1st and so some people have encountered problems when submitting their applications. Make sure you apply with plenty of time before the deadline to ensure you get it all sent and working properly before it closes :)

There is also now a new position being advertised, this is the:

Cultural Representative Program with HRC. Applications close August 23rd 2013 so you don’t have long to get them in.

For this position you must hold a degree and be at least 21 years of age. You must also have an active interest in history and be from the United Kingdom. (I must admit, meeting all the requirements, this position sounds very appealing to me! Maybe next year :P)

Good luck to everybody who decides to apply and I will be back with new updates in October!

Anonymous asked: Hi, I just had a question about the apartments and amenities. What size are the beds? Single? King Single? And do we have to buy our own sheets/duvet/comforter? Thanks for answering all our questions!

Hey, thanks for the question.

The beds in the apartments are single beds and you have to buy all your own bedding for them. Walmart used to sell comforters that come with bed sheets and pillow cases for $40 but I can imagine that’s gone up in price since I did mine!

Try take some with you if you can :)

Anonymous asked: Hi, how much money did you actually make? Is it feasible to go travelling after your work placement has disney has finished on your earnings? :)

I’m not sure how much money I made but I know it wasn’t much as you’re on minimum wage. I also only did the ICP so only worked there 1 summer. I was saving at the time but I had a 4 week holiday in Orlando afterwards going round all the parks. It was amazing but I got a good deal and had the majority of it already paid for before doing the ICP. So I may have only saved about $800..

If you’re more interested in travelling i’d suggest working in your home country instead as you’ll make a lot more money or trying a program like Bunac’s Work America program that i’m currently on. Whilst doing this program i’m able to save easily because I can accept tips, the hourly wage is higher and i’m allowed to work 2 jobs at once. I’d say I could save around $3000 on this program, 3x the amount on the ICP. But I don’t do it for the money like most people don’t :)

It’s up to you though. The Disney programs are amazing but i’d say they are better if you don’t have to worry about saving money- just because you can go out and enjoy yourself more during your time there ;)

This blog is now 1 year old!

When I created it a year ago, some of you hadn’t even applied to work at Disney yet. Now, you have dates or you’re at the parks right now on your program!

Congratulations and I hope the next year sees many more happy faces :D

This blog is now 1 year old!

When I created it a year ago, some of you hadn’t even applied to work at Disney yet. Now, you have dates or you’re at the parks right now on your program!

Congratulations and I hope the next year sees many more happy faces :D

thesecondfromtheright asked: Hello there! What kind of work experience do Yummy Jobs look for the CRP? I managed to get on the opportunities list for the ICP last year but didn't even get an interview for the CRP this time. What can I do to make my CV look good? I have all summer to get some work experience/volunteer so any ideas would be great! :D thank you x

I’m really sorry but there really is no clear answer to this! I think hospitality experience is always good but even those with the experience have been rejected before. When I first got onto the ICP I think I had about 2 years of retail experience and I was in my first year of a hospitality degree. When I applied again in my final year I was studying an unrelated degree and had 5 years of experience in retail, waitressing and hospitality experience plus experience of working for Disney but I didn’t even get an interview. So really I guess it just depends on who checks your application and what kind of criteria they’re going for. Just get as much experience as you can but really I think it’s all about how much passion shows in your application. Good luck with it all :)

electricanticipation asked: Hey! I know you mentioned that you'd be inactive due to your workload and such but I have some questions and I thought it was worth a shot to ask :P So I was hoping that I'd graduate uni (which is in a year and a half) and then do the DI cultural rep program straight away. Do you think that's a wise decision with the competitiveness of the program or would you recommend I apply during my studies so I'm more likely to be accepted? Thanks!

I’m so sorry i’m not sure how long this question has been here! I’m living in the States atm so don’t get on this blog very much. My advice to you would be to apply whilst you’re at University. Because even if you get through first time you may still have to wait anything from 6 months to over a year before you get a date. So for example if you apply in September this year then you could get a date for next summer or later. But also, because it is so competitive you may not even get a date- you might get wait-listed or even rejected :( So it’s best to just apply at every chance you get and write your available from date and they may just wait until you’re available before they give you a start date :) Good luck!